Issues and Legislation

Creating Jobs for a More Prosperous Kentucky is Linked to Education and Supporting Small Businesses

It all starts with improving our education system and providing better skills and job training. From the KEES scholarships to reforming education, a high priority must remain on learning and access to opportunity. The high school drop out age was 16 years old and in place since 1935.  It took 10 years of fighting the people aligned with Gov. Bevin and my opponent to get this changed to 18 years old. This was a #1 priority by business and education experts but they stopped it every year.

More than 75% of the people in prison dropped out of school early. Less education simply does not work. Riggs will continue to fight alongside Kentucky Democrats to fight Governor Bevin and his challenger on this issue. We want to stop them from moving back this drop out age to 16 years old.   Our children deserve better.

The Guardian of Small Business (NFIB) awarded Rep. Steve Riggs its "A" rating with a 100% approval voting record. Small business creates the big majority of new jobs in Kentucky and Steve's own business instincts and experience help in this regard. With Riggs' help, Kentucky's economy has grown in recent years and is expected to generate over 1 billion dollars in new revenue growth in 2016.

Making Tough Decisions about Budgets for a Smarter, More Efficient Kentucky


We have successfully balanced our state's budget without broad based tax increases. Riggs has continuously sponsored legislation to be more fiscally conservative and save taxpayers their hard-earned money. However, protecting the basic classroom funding formula to save education remained a strict priority for Riggs, especially as other states slashed education. Our work to identify better methods to make our programs more cost-effective and attract jobs continues. Kentucky moved up 12 spots on Forbes list of best places to do business! Additionally, Site Selection magazine rated Kentucky as a top state for growing a business!

Keeping our commitment to public safety employees and teachers, we enacted stricter pension policies, such as reducing benefits for new employees, eliminating pension double-dipping and mandating appropriate expertise for those making investment decisions. And finally, if the schedule of payments the bill created is followed, it will put our system back on sound financial footing. Public pension challenges are being addressed without being immoral to our current employees. Responsibility to the common good must remain paramount.

Pragmitism, not Rigid Ideology

Working across party lines, finding common ground, and promoting ideas that work to benefit our state's citizens must be our master blueprint. The authoritorians and political bullies like to grab news headlines and appear talk shows but they accomplish little other than dividing us. Good leadership isn't about about being hard-headed and egotistical - it is about being pragmatic, respectful, and listening for solutions.

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