Vote Steve Riggs for Kentucky State Representative 2016

My success and experience as a state lawmaker can help the legislature in the decisions ahead. We must be on the lookout for greed and selfishness disguised as good public policy. Our citizens must have the opportunity to advance and not be held back because they don’t fit the majority mold.  To build a growing middle class, we can’t have policies that, by design, reduce wages of the family, cut employee benefits, or even access to health care.  

Now, more than ever, is the time for steady, pragmatic, and confident leadership. I have won several awards for my legislative work on behalf of the citizens in the community.  The legislation and ideas I have passed or supported have dealt with reforming and improving education, battling transportation congestion and safety, widening access to healthcare coverage, assisting public safety leaders, and promoting the growth of small business in Kentucky. We balanced our budget again without any broad-based tax increases. We were successful in making important changes in our public pension system to address the future costs of concern. Citizens can be certain I am working hard on their behalf to fight for a better Kentucky.

My wife of almost 29 years, Jenny, is a valuable partner, because as an elementary school teacher, she keeps me focused on building a better future for our children. Too many important decisions are made without a long-term perspective. My sense of responsibility and community values are strongly influenced by my faith (United Methodist), my family, and time serving others in the Boy Scouts organization and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Having both public and private sector success is an important asset that I continually bring to the state capitol. Again, I am asking for your vote and donation in 2016. Thank you.

Your Public Servant,
Steve Riggs

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